Bryan Dwyer

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

Would someone please get me a drink...

I've been involved with sales and marketing since the beginning of the internet, OUCH! Always bringing an older business model into the new way of marketing and selling digitally. Working in different fields like hospitality, construction, real estate, restaurants, building materials, affiliate marketing and e-commerce, I enjoy the challenge of designing a new marketing strategy. Jamming on the computer for 3 days straight, well there are coffee breaks, however, no one sees me for 3 days until the project is finished or input is required.

Love new projects and all the clever ways to use creative content marketing with photos, QR codes, marketing drips, trending topics and #keywords are my strengths. Tweaking the stats with continuous A/B testing is essential. As is video chats with my customers and colleagues.

However this being said you will never see me in the Central Park or the San Francisco piers because I m a digital nomad living in Southeast Asia where I am still able to think for myself!
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Ad/Promotional Copy, Blog Post, Social Copy, Website Copy, Case Study, Direct Mail, Presentation, Page Layout, General Photo, Aerial Photo, Social Video, Documentary, Landing Page
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University of Connecticut, Bachelor of Science

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