Benjamin J. Brown, Jr.

Black geekery personified by music, video games, and much much more.

Poet, author, and freelance music and video game critic, B.J. Brown is a talented African-American writer hoping to make a positive impact on as many people as he can.

Beginning with music reviews, BJ has written a number of soul and hip hop music reviews that have been published by,,, and Heed Magazine as well as others.
Though this is the bulk of his writing career, it is not his primary focus. Instead, his passion lies in crafting poetry that reflects life and describes the emotion of it. Using contradictions, metaphors, and philosophical beliefs he writes in a way that intends to make the reader think as well as feel deeply and passionate.

Focusing his poetry mostly on life and love, his introduction to the publishing world came via PublishAmerica in 2007. Entitled "Diary Of An Affair", it is a unique poetry compilation that flows from piece to piece to describe the emotion of the end of forever.

He has gone on to publish his first poetry chapbook through entitled "Grey/Blue" as well.

Building upon that landmark, B.J. has managed to join numerous poetry communities and networks in hopes of improving his craft and promoting his work as well as other talented poets.
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