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I help you to find YOUR VOICE and the core idea that distinguishes you and what you do from anyone else in your field or on the planet for that matter.

I was kicked out of more places than most people ever get into as a tabloid reporter and PEOPLE Magazine writer.

As the author of five inspirational books and as an editor and book consultant helping others to write over a dozen other books, I have devoted my life, my skills and my energy to making a difference with the power of words.

As a developmental editor/partner for almost ten years now with private clients and through my role as a book doctor/editor-at-large for Greenleaf Books, I have prided myself on helping authors find their voice and their most powerful ability to inspire. That is partly because of my years of literary experience but also because of my gift for understanding people, the way they think and how they work, so to maximize their potential and their potential product.

“Every good story requires a storyteller who knows how to frame the narrative and build the drama --yet the really good writers never lose sight of the fact it's so much more than words, it's someone's life. Chris brings that kind of compassion and care to every story he tells.” Maggie Murphy, Parade Magazine Editor, Formerly People Magazine Editor

“I knew nothing about being an author or really how to properly write a book. Chris has guided me, counseled me, and, many times, just listened to me rant about the process. From the beginnings in my first book to this book, Chris has always been there. So, when you get to the meat of the book and if things sound just a little bit better, it is because Chris pushed me 5% More, but, more importantly, he gave more and made this book what it is today.” Mike Sciucco, Best-Selling Author--5% More: Making Small Changes to Achieve Extraordinary Results USA TODAY BESTSELLER

“Chris is an outstanding consultant and editor. His contribution included facilitating the evolution of my initial idea into an outline and then an initial draft. Chris also coached me to enhance all of my major points and draw my readers’ attention to the key elements of my message. His wise council as I wrote my manuscript made the experience delightful and helped me to take my manuscript to the next level. If you are writing a book, I encourage you to have Chris by your side.” Dr. Marta Wilson PhD- Author, Founder and CEO of Transformational Systems, Inc. (TSI), ranked one of Inc.'s ''Fastest Growing Companies in America''

“When Chris and I first discussed this work, I recognized his talent. What I grew to appreciate however is his ability to bring out the genuine life story that is in each of us.” Barry Banther, Best-Selling Author -- A Leader’s Gift: How to Earn the Right to Be Followed AMAZON BESTSELLER

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