Courtney James

Content Strategist, Developmental Editor, Graphic Designer
Professional profile:
As a creative professional with a Bachelors in Graphic Design and a professional history in brand management/marketing, my core skillsets lie within the intersection of creativity, networking, and business. I excel at being the bridge for artistic personalities and business specialists when collaborating to define and achieve strategic goals.

I often assist in the generation of creative and cultural products – contributing insight and design expertise from the brainstorming process to the execution. I have been credited for my observant nature as well as my flexibility in creativity and task-management – coordinating independent projects while maintaining a big-picture vision.

Personal profile:

I take great pride in my work – both on and off the job and aim to provide quality and consideration in everything I do. I work well in a positive and energetic work environment, and I appreciate the opportunity to work closely together with colleagues, as well as the ability to spend time alone, immersing myself into a specific task.

I describe myself as a social personality with an enthusiasm for curiosity and storytelling. In my personal time, I travel the world to learn different cultures and traditions. I consider this a great way to sustain an open-mind and diverse viewpoints.
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University of Central Florida, Fine Arts: Graphic Design
Los Angeles, CA, USA|Languages

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