Cori Padgett

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

Cheeky Word Wrangler-for-Hire ★ Freelance Writer ★ Copy Editor ★ Ghost Blogger ★ Dork Label Required

Cori Padgett-Bukowski is a cheeky word wrangler-for-hire, professional blogger, and published fiction author.

You can find her at Big Girl Branding, furiously polishing the words of her clients and sharing her thoughts on entrepreneurship with all and sundry, as well as at Salt, Light, and Faith, digging deep and sharing her thoughts on God.

Elsewhere, you might find her sipping coffee, staring into space, and wool-gathering for her storytelling endeavors. Ps: Wool-gathering is harder than it sounds. Truth.
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Article, Blog Post, Ebook, Social Media, Website Copy, Product Description, Case Study, Ad/Promotional Copy, Guide, Commercial, Landing Page, Checklist
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Community College, 60+ credits
High School, Diploma
Orlando, FL, USA|English

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