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As 20-something non-profit worker, I have a keen interest in expanding my set of skills. My background is in International Relations, with a Master's Degree in Conflict Studies from the London School of Economics. I am well-versed in foreign policy, conflict transformation, and specifically, post-conflict reconciliation. During the day, I work for a non-profit specializing in STEM education and robotics for students around the world where I develop learning content for high-school-aged youth, manage a mentor program, and connect higher education institutions to our students. I have worked in politics, taught English and Literacy to refugees, and managed a few coffee shops in previous chapters of my life. In my spare time, spend a lot of time learning Korean and keeping up-to-date on all the latest K-Entertainment.
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Webster University, BA International Relations
London School of Economics, MSc Conflict Studies
Washington, DC, USA|English

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Uranium Mining on the Diné Bikeyah

Published article on Uranium Mining in Navajo Country.

May, 1 2013
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