Caitlyn Merriman

Photographer, Writer

Enthusiastic Beginner with Potential and Creativity

I'm a beginning free-lance writer trying to earn some experience. I don't typically specialize in photography, but do enjoy creating artistic renderings of the world around me. I've been requested as a photographer by several local amateur cosplayers who cannot afford the prices of professional photography companies. I mostly write original stories in several genres, but have taken small projects in the past from friends who required assistance in their own projects (such as scripting an original web series). In school, the major writing and video assignments I've done have, on multiple occasions, been kept by teachers and used as the example for future classes. In one case, a story I wrote with the purpose of teaching about botany while entertaining its audience was added as a regular part of a biology teacher's material. All in all, although I haven't yet received any payment for my efforts, I have performed greatly in many scenarios with varying amounts of source material and notice.
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Clements High School, Current Student
Athens, AL, USA|English

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