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I am a writer with a great deal of enthusiasm for any subject I'm given to write about. My main areas of interest are history and science, and I am the author of a published history book about the history behind the legends of King Arthur. I also regularly write for a website about the Arthurian Legends, focusing of the historical background to them. In addition, I have ghostwritten a book investigating the true locations of a famous collection of nine place names in post-Roman Britain. But despite history being my main area of interest, I have experience in writing about other topics, such as entertainment and education. I also to write regularly for a Doctor Who fan site, examining various different aspects of the show, and I also wrote web content on a professional basis for a teaching company for a while.

I am the sort of person who loves to know the facts behind whatever it is I'm writing about, so whenever I'm assigned a subject, even if it's something I previously had no interest in, I will become heavily engrossed in researching the topic and writing about it accurately. This enables me to be an informed and passionate writer regardless of the subject.
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Did the Anglo-Saxon Invasion Really Happen?

This article that I wrote for my history blog is about whether or not the Anglo-Saxon invasion really took place. In recent decades, many scholars have argued that it was more of a semi-peaceful migration than a real invasion. This article was written in response to such theories (in particular, to a 2018 document about the subject). I outline my criticism of the supposed evidence against an invasion, and I argue that the evidence does support a proper invasion, in the vein of the Roman invasion of Britain centuries before.

December 14th, 2018
Doctor Who TV - New Who’s Best Resolutions

This article takes a look at the best resolutions to episodes in the modern revival of Doctor Who.

November 2nd, 2012
Doctor Who TV - Space Mopeds, Free Falls & Living Heads

This article analyses the scientific plausibility of a number of seemingly-outrageous moment in Doctor Who. These include mopeds that fly through space, surviving a fall from many hundreds of feet up, and heads that remain alive after decapitation.

July 16th, 2013
Doctor Who TV - Scientific Analysis of 'Deep Breath'

This article is an analysis of the scientific plausibility of various events and technologies that were seen in the 2014 Doctor Who episode 'Deep Breath'. It investigates the true consequences of bringing a T. Rex from the Cretaceous period to the modern day. It also considers the topic of spontaneous human combustion, which features in the episode. And lastly, it examines the possibilities of combining human body parts with clockwork robots.

August 26th, 2014
Arthurian Legends - Cerdic of Wessex

This is a character profile of Cerdic of Wessex, the semi-legendary founder of the kingdom of Wessex. The article covers what is claimed about this man by the available sources, as well as what some modern scholars have concluded about him, and which characters from Arthurian lore he can possibly be identified with.

July 8th, 2019
Arthurian Legends - King Arthur

This is a character profile of King Arthur himself. It is an overview of all the main pieces of information known about him or claimed about him from the legends. It covers his historicity, his family, his activities, and who he may well have really been, if he can indeed be identified as a figure from the medieval genealogies.

June 24th, 2019
Arthurian Legends - Was the Sword in the Stone Real?

This is an article I wrote for Arthurian Legends, analysing the legend of the Sword in the Stone to see if it may have had any historical basis. This involved examining a number of different theories and weighing them up against the evidence and the details within the legend itself to see if they acted as a plausible explanation.

October 7th, 2019
King Arthur: The Man Who Conquered Europe

This book that I wrote is all about my theories concerning the origins of the legends of King Arthur. It was published by Amberley Publishing in May 2019, both as an electronic book and also as a hardback. The primary purpose of the book is to investigate the seemingly-fictional European campaign of Arthur's in the 12th century Historia Regum Britanniae. However, this involved delving into a lot of background information and outlining an explanation for the primary parts of the Arthurian legends as well, in addition to analysing the historical veracity of the Roman-era sections of the Historia Regum Britanniae.

May 15th, 2019
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