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Any topic you choose, I'll become highly invested in it

I am a writer with a great deal of enthusiasm for any subject I'm given to write about. My main areas of interest are history and science, and I am the author of a published history book about the history behind the legends of King Arthur. I also regularly write for a website about the Arthurian Legends, focusing of the historical background to them. In addition, I have ghostwritten a book investigating the true locations of a famous collection of nine place names in post-Roman Britain. But despite history being my main area of interest, I have experience in writing about other topics, such as entertainment and education. I also used to write regularly for a Doctor Who fan site, examining various different aspects of the show, and I also wrote web content on a professional basis for a teaching company for a while.

I am the sort of person who loves to know the facts behind whatever it is I'm writing about, so whenever I'm assigned a subject, even if it's something I previously had no interest in, I will become heavily engrossed in researching the topic and writing about it accurately. This enables me to be an informed and passionate writer regardless of the subject.
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Chichester College, A Level English Language
Highbury College, CELTA
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