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Born in South Los Angeles, I was given a very unique point of reference in life. My family loves Star Trek and Anime. We work Renaissance Faires, we work conventions. I have always felt the importance of being my most true self in every environment. I feel that it is part of my purpose/ bigger picture/ calling/ whatever, to present myself as I am. I am nerdy, passionate, opinionated, and intelligent, but I've also known the struggle, seen it in the streets. I grew up in the hood, I've been shot at, I've been in fights, experienced gang violence. I have also seen the strength and community there. From a young age I've battled with depression and anxiety, I'm stronger for it, and more cognoscente of issues others may suffer from. I want to share this life, the experiences and perspective from someone who has lived through the ups and downs of very different worlds and where they intersect.

I would like to provoke you to see how gainful it would be to diversify your blog, book, or website with a fat, queer, half black, renfaire working, anime going, rap listening, D&D player who grew up in South Central LA, and moved to the Valley (Like O.M.G.). Let's learn from each other, grow together, and be ourselves, for better or worse. Let's embrace our flaws, and put ourselves out there. If we make someone uncomfortable, good. Art is about pushing boundaries, testing limits, and exploring emotion. I want to write that. I want to write and live and find meaning.
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