Cara Steinmann

Content Strategist, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

The grass is greenest where you water it.

I've taken on strategic roles and writing assignments in many different industries throughout my career.

Here are a few:

-Health & Fitness
-Food & Beverage
-Outdoor Sports & Recreation
-Lifestyle & Wellness
-Home & Garden
-Parenting & Adoption
-Fitness Marketing
-Content Marketing
-Contractor Insurance
-Business Finance
-Real Estate

Of these industries, a few have emerged as my primary areas of expertise:

-Outdoor Sports

These industries are where I'm able to contribute the most value to the content marketing melee.

Relevant experiences from my life and work enhance my ability to understand target persona challenges, contribute creative solutions, and craft engaging content—basically, I'm a content marketer & former personal trainer with a psychology degree, who has personally struggled with health and fitness issues, and currently enjoy an active lifestyle full of outdoor sports and recreation.

Providing genuine value in what I write is important to me, and I'm forever obsessed with how to do it better. Having worn many digital marketing hats over the years helps with that. I can apply a comprehensive understanding of copywriting technique, content design & strategy, and SEO, to my natural writing ability, which results in a premium quality product.

I also love connecting with other writers in all areas of expertise. It helps to have a wide circle of talent to refer to when I'm all booked up, or get a request from an industry I don't write for.

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UC Davis, BA
California, PA, USA|English

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