Carey Allan

Creative Living Through Chemistry

Many lives and roles places and loves. Long stays in NY, LA, Cannes, Torremolinos, Amsterdam, Athens, Tel Aviv, London. Glasgow, plus short stays in Estoril, Lisboa, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Neuremberg, Koln, Frankfort, Prague, Geneva, Florence, Venice, Milano, Rome, Dalmatian Coast, Nicosia, Monte Carlo, Nice, Tangiers. In no special Order. That should say a lot about me.

Started writing poetry Sophmore year of High School. Moved on to high school paper and short stories. Then songwriting (lyrics and music) resulting in publishing deals. Continued writing marketing copy, packaging notes, internal promotional (b2b) pieces and press releases (last 35 years). Repatriated to USA in 2004 to live in the outback of New England after learning that Philip Roth, had made similar choice. I like SciFi, History, and Psychology (I have certification in Counseling from London and Positive Psychology from WholeBeing Institute) And do some life coaching.
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