Carina Davis

Content Strategist, Editor, Writer

Creating unexpected writing and photography

I am a traveller at heart who is curious about the world around her. Theer hasn't been a moment where I wasn't wondering...why? or how? I'm currently living in germany as I teach English as a second language and improve my German skills. Living here has tought me about the drastic differences that make a society a society in the first place and it fascinates me. Coming from a caribbean background, I feel fortunate to have experienced many styles of living and existing. I consider myself to be an adaptable person who is eager to learn and improve. Quite often, I find myself developing new skills in my free time. Writing expands on my curiousity as I often have to research a new topic thoroughly before I can write a quality piece. I've learnt so much from working on clients' work that I'm sure I can explain, share, do just about anything because of my love of writing.
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Candid Photography, Article, General Photo, Press Release, Blog Post
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London School of Commerce, Masters MSc
London, UK|English

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