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Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Writer, Graphic Designer, Photographer

Talented and Versatile Writer, Proficient in Content Creation.

I am an Internet Service Provider engineer by day. Outside these hours I work on my passion for writing, contributing to popular blogs and writing my own pieces for my personal blog dedicated to luxury timepieces. Over the past 5 years, I have been researching and writing content on numerous disciplines, creating clear and accurate copy.

My areas of expertise include site building; writing and editing; on and off page SEO; social media; technology and internet; communication; working as a remote solo worker with external teams.

I have always enjoyed language seeking to add eloquence to any occasion. English has an unparalleled richness of description waiting to be used making my writing style clear, positive, and intelligent while maintaining a friendly professional connection. One of my pet hates is poor punctuation and spelling in a professional environment. I often find myself being asked by friends to correct copy they are planning to use in their work. The last comment I received from a friend after reading one of my pieces was; “it’s a really interesting piece on an original subject with an obscure angle”
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