Carol "Candy" Love Willis

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Developmental Editor, Editor, Ghostwriter, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Technical Writer, Videographer, Writer

Willingness to work, hunger to learn and a compassionate heart is the combination to the universe...

I have been a voracious reader from the time I could put two words together and was reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys by age 6. By the 3rd grade I had moved on to authors such as Stephen King and never looked back. Reading has been a huge part of my learning and my extensive vocabulary, which helps me more than I can say in social situations, because I rarely have been in a situation where a word or phrase was used that I didn't know or could guess the meaning using the context it was used in. I have worked since I was 10, and worked in an office environment and many other 2nd and 3rd jobs since I was 15, so I have a vast array of experiences to pull from to help me to learn any new skill quickly that I haven't already had some experience with in different work situations, although typing has been something I've had to do so much, it's become 2nd nature. I have also always had a flair for anything creative. I can create or re-create almost any document or form on a computer or laptop regardless of the complexity. I can also create items from scratch based on a description of the desired result or the personality of the person it's being created for. I have just always enjoyed this type of task, so I don't really see it as a skill - more of a hobby. I am proficient in many different types of software, and a quick learner of types I'm not familiar with, although more quickly in a hands on environment. I only accept short term and temp assignments for the most part because I like to keep learning and doing new and different things.
Content Types
Article, Website Copy, Interview, Product Description, Buyers Guide, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, Graphic, Direct Mail, Email Newsletter, Guide, Presentation, Page Layout, Script, Headshot, Corporate Photo, Live Event, General Photo, News Photography, Candid Photography, Product Photography, Commercial, Recipe, Landing Page, Checklist
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H&R Block Tax Preparation School, Certificate (A-104)
Danville Community College , Many Credits No Degree
Dry Fork, VA USA|English

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