Carolina Palombini


Psychologist and Career Counselor

I know there is something better for me. That is the feeling behind
the demands of those who ask me for help in their career. The
request comes in many forms: a promotion, a new job, developing
leadership, emotional intelligence, starting a new business, making a
career change or even moving to a different country.
In all cases there is something in common - great dissatisfaction,
uneasiness and indignation with the current situation they are living.
And that's exactly what I believe. That your working life can be a
means of personal fulfillment. That there is no reason to be stagnant
or conformed to toxic environments, bosses or professional activities
that do not match your profile, in short with a professional life that
does not bring you fulfillment, joy.
It is not possible to change the world. But there is always something
that only we can do for ourselves that is within our power to change
our reality and there comes my work.
I have over 20 years of experience in people development, from
my role as a clinical psychologist to becoming a career advisor and
founding Palombini, leading people management in several national
and multinational companies.
Palombini has added my passion for psychology, education and HR,
and with every session I give, with every course I design, I put all
my love and faith that just like me, everyone can find happiness and
fulfillment in what they do.
My greatest satisfaction comes from the feedback and
recommendations I receive, which show that just knowing your
resources and seeing the possibilities that the paths begin to appear
and everything is clearer, lighter and safer. This is how I realize that I
am on my way, fulfilling my purpose.
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