Carol Poster

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Developmental Editor, Editor, Ghostwriter, Photographer, Technical Writer, Writer

writer/photographer/PhD: meticulous research wrapped in engaging prose

Carol Poster has been writing professionally for over three decades, publishing three books about outdoor recreation, four books of poetry, articles on technology, arts, culture, real estate, green and lifestyle topics in numerous magazines, and web content. She has also taught professional writing at Montana State University and Florida State University in the United States and York University in Canada and published substantial amounts of scholarship in peer-reviewed journals. Her research expertise means that even when writing entertaining lifestyle pieces, she does meticulous research offering real value to readers rather than "fake news."
Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Ebook, General Photo, Landing Page, News Photography, Website Copy, Recipe, Guide
More Information
University of Missouri, PhD
Eastern Washington University, MFA
Hollins University, BA
Classical Year in Athens, certificate
Tucson, AZ, USA|English, French, Latin

Nonfiction Books

Skiing!: Faceplants, Eggbeaters and Snowsnakes : A Guide to the Ski Bum Lifestyle

Humorous book about skiing.

October, 1 1995
Unnatural Fauna: A Guide to the People of the American Outdoors

Humorous field guide to people one encounters in the wilderness

September, 1 1992
Letter-Writing Manuals and Instruction from Antiquity to the Present

A collection of essays on the history of letter writing. I co-edited the volume, wrote the introduction, and contributed an essay on ancient letter writing.
The Basic Essentials of Alpine Skiing

How-to book about skiing. Print.

October, 1 1993

Poetry Books

Surrounded by Dangerous Things


November, 1 1995

Most recent book of poetry

Articles in Print Publications

A tongue-in-cheek academic conference presentation attendance calculator (opinion)

This is a humorous look in quiz format at the problem of who attends talks at academic conferences and how this reflects the power and status disparities in the academic community.

September, 5 2018
Opinions on Inside Higher Ed

Essay about economics of student cheating

March, 8 2016
Professional Writing at York University: Honours Writing in Canadian Context

Essay for academic journal about professional writing instruction in Canada

Web Content

How proposed healthcare changes will affect freelancers

Analyzes how changes to health insurance regulations in 2018 might affect freelancers and entrepreneurs.

June, 21 2018
Blog Post
What freelancers should consider when choosing a home

Home-buying for people who plan to work at home

July, 6 2017
Blog Post
Dirty prose? How to make sure your copy is clean before you hit send

Proofreading tips

December, 13 2016
How to clean your computer, keyboard and mouse

How to clean your computer to improve your writing

September, 26 2016
Blog Post
The freelancer's pantry

Staples freelancers need to keep in their pantries for cheap, convenient, and nutritious meals.

March, 15 2018
Winning the Fitbit Game

Humorous piece examining the FitBit from the perspective of a video gamer who wants to "win" at step counts without leaving his couch

June, 5 2017
Blog Post
Who writes for content mills?

Humorous post about the types of people who write for content mills

November, 23 2015
Walter Ong’s World of Warcraft

Article examining the relationship between video games and ancient oral epic

October, 12 2016
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