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“Creativity is intellect having fun,” said Albert Einstein. And Mark Twain noted: "The human imagination is much more capable than it gets credit for."

What do these two men have in common, aside from their affinity for unkempt hairstyles? They're two of the most well-known intellectual minds of the past century. But neither one of them kept solely to exercising their intelligence in a theoretical manner. Far from being stagnant thinkers only, their imagination led them to creativity. The ultimate expression of knowledge!

While I personally try to pay more attention to keeping my hair tamed―and, trust me, that's a feat with naturally curly hair in Texas humidity―I share Einstein's and Twain's desire for creative expression.

My love affair with creativity started early in life and continued during my teenage years motivated by the gentle encouragement of teachers and family members. As often happens, though, life eventually exerts pressure on us to let go of childish imaginations and focus on something more practical, more concrete. And so, just as most of us, I gave in to that demand and acquired a solid education in business administration in my native Germany.

But my love for creativity kept living on. Deep down. It was only lying dormant, waiting for the reviving kiss―like Sleeping Beauty.

Would you believe that it was my teen-aged children that caused the spark to reignite the fire? Once revived, its flames were thirstily licking up every moment of my time, passionately burning well into the night. – Literally!

I had to strike a balance. But I was determined NEVER to let this love grow cold again!

And now, my journey has brought me to you.

In the past four years, I've done most of my professional work as a ghostwriter, editor, and content strategist―producing blog posts/articles and editing website content for professionals in the mental health, coaching, and educational fields.

While I still enjoy engaging in many other avenues of creativity, writing takes me to places no other artistic activity can. To me, it comes closest to conveying the limitless ability of our imagination.

Imagination, of course, is fueled by knowledge. But I believe that true education is by no means limited to what we learn in school. It isn't confined to paper. Life itself teaches the most valuable lessons. Therefore, I firmly believe that education is a life-long process. If we stop learning, we stop growing.

My own experiences have taught me to prize reliability, conscientiousness, kindness, compassion, respect, and honesty. And I try my very best to emanate those attributes in my personal and business life.

"The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become." ― Goethe

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