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Multi-Award Winning Writer and Media Contributor Provides Wide Variety of Content

Carole Brody Fleet is the multi-award winning author of, “Loss is a Four-Letter Word...” (HCI Books); as well as the #1 ranked release, "When Bad Things Happen to Good Women..."(Viva Editions); "Happily EVEN After..." (Viva Editions); winner of the prestigious Books for a Better Life Award, one of the top national awards in publishing and the critically praised national bestseller, "Widows Wear Stilettos..." (New Horizon Press).

Widely recognized as America’s go-to expert on grief, bereavement and life-adversity recovery, Ms. Fleet is also a four-time contributor to the iconic "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series. Ms. Fleet is a previous invited weekly contributor to The Huffington Post (2012 – 2016) and (2013 – 2017) and most recently, her work has been optioned by Blue Mountain Greeting Cards. A veteran of numerous television shows and over 1,200 radio show appearances, Ms. Fleet is also a regularly featured expert in national and international print and web media. Full biographic and writing / media platform information is available upon request and/or at her websites.

The topics on which Ms. Fleet writes most often includes, but is not limited to:

* Loss, grief, bereavement, end-of-life and life-adversity issues of all manner

* Law: Emphases on personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death and legal transitioning after loss; with ancillary experience in civil litigation, wills/estate planning and bankruptcy (Chapter 7)

* Health and beauty

* Dating and relationships

* Writing and publishing; with emphasis on new and/or previously self-published writers

* Entrepreneurship and branding

Additional topics upon request


* Winner, Books for a Better Life Award ("Happily Even After...")
* Recipient and Honoree, Embrace Life Award, State Farm Insurance Companies
* Recipient and Honoree, Board of Directors' Outstanding Service Award (organization); Soaring Spirits International
* Top Three Finalist, RADICAL Woman Award, Fourth Annual Get RADICAL Women's Conference, Washington D.C.
* Honorable Mention, Kindness Award (non-profit); Heart At Work
* Founding Case Library Author, "The Hot Mommas Project" George Washington University, Washington D.C.


“Carole Brody Fleet is forthright in dealing with many difficult issues. She teaches the important lesson that you can incorporate your previous life into a new life.”
The New York Times

“Just as there is no timetable to grief, there certainly is no checklist on how to recover strength and joy after suffering a loss. With a signature style all her own, Carole Brody Fleet teaches you to find yourself.
Women’s World Magazine

“Carole Brody Fleet is changing the face and style of widowhood. It’s a very unique look at an unusual problem these days.”
Deborah Roberts, Correspondent, ABC News’, “Good Morning America”

"I really admire you. It's an unbelievable testament to survival".
Nate Berkus, celebrity designer and Emmy Award-winning host of TLC’S “Nate and Jeremiah By Design”;

"Encouraging a smile while tackling tough subjects and providing necessary support and education, this book will be invaluable to those so badly in need".
Lee Woodruff, Contributor, "CBS This Morning"

ON-AIR: “They may have lost what took a lifetime to find, but Carole wants widows to know…they’re not alone.”
Stacy Butler, Correspondent, CBS 2 News

“You were great! Several of my colleagues commented on how at ease you were in front of the camera and how clearly your message came across.”
Angela Hill, Producer, ABC News’, “Good Morning America”

"Thank you SO much for being our guest. You were wonderful to talk to and had such great advice for us all.
Jacie and Jeep, Hosts, "The Relationship Workshop with Jacie and Jeep", SiriusXM Channel 106

ON-AIR: “Carole is really such a shining light for women everywhere”.
Kim Iverson, Host, “Your Time with Kim Iverson” (nationally syndicated)

ON-AIR: "You are a remarkable woman with a great cause".
Francesca Bastarache, "Talk with Francesca" NBC / AM Radio 1510 Boston

ON-AIR: "You’ve created excellent work that teaches about getting over all kinds of things in life".
Maggie Linton, Host, "The Maggie Linton Show", Sirius XM, Channel 126 (national)

ON-AIR: "This is a subject that people weren't talking about, but thanks to you, they are now. You’re doing phenomenal work".
Stacy Gualandi, Emmy Award winning journalist and host, "The Women's Eye", KPHX 1480 AM

ON-AIR: “Carole is a foremost expert on grief recovery and all the issues that it involves. We love having her as a frequent guest on the show”.
Mary Jones, Host, “All About Women”, WENG AM

ON-AIR: "You have truly become a go-to for people who are struggling and are one of the most impressive people that I've ever talked to.
Mike Schikman, Host, "The Mike Schikman Show", WSVA 550 AM / 92.1 FM

“What you had to say was food for thought for our listening audience. You are to be commended for your efforts.”
Peter Anthony Holder, Host, “Holder Tonight”, CJAD Montreal / CFRB Toronto (CANADA)
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The Paralegal Institute, Certified Paralegal / Certificate of Legal Studies and Legal Assistantship. Outstanding Honors awarded in areas of Litigation & Trial Practice and Legal Research

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