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Psychology copywriter and professional personality science dork

I am currently an undergraduate student in Philly, PA studying psychology, with an emphasis in art therapy, and musical theatre. For you, this means you have an eager student ready to learn, grow, and who is knowledgeable about all the recent psychological findings.

Psychology is an amazing field for us to be in-we’re working to help people to have a better understanding of themselves and to give them the tools to tackle their inner workings.

With mental health coming to the forefront of our culture, there is no better time to be involved. Every new finding is helping our society grow in the understanding of mental health.

I want to help YOU market your brand and spread the love of psychology we both share.

With your business, my writing skills, and our passion for the mind, my business will help you grow your audience.

How am I different than other copywriters?

Using my knowledge of how the brain ingests new information, I will write articles with punch that will keep your readers engaged until the very last word.
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