Carolyn Stenerson

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Graphic Designer

Award-Winning Designer and Writer

I was fortunate to experience a top notch Ivy League education: a Master's Degree from Brown University in American Civilization, another Master's Degree in Education from Fairfield University, and a BA from Middlebury College in American Studies. I continued my education with science courses at the University of New Mexico, specifically in Biology and Chemistry.

I have had two different careers in my life, in which I've been able to develop and integrate more than one skill. This continues to be a gratifying and exciting experience.

I began work as a graphic designer in New York City, working for Esquire Magazine, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and Rolling Stone. My three dimensional illustrations were published in The New York Times, Ms. Magazine, The National Lampoon, and various children's magazines.

Later, after receiving my Master's Degree in Education, I pursued a career as a classroom teacher of science and math. After almost a decade of classroom teaching, I turned to one-on-one tutoring. I teach and write on all academic subjects, as well as many topics of popular culture. Both academic and content writing have been a constant requirement in my education and work life. In addition to my two Master's theses and a published paper, I have written hundreds of pages of research papers, analytical essays, and expository articles.

I am glad to write a piece pro bono to determine whether I am right for your company!
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Product Description, Case Study, Direct Mail, Blog Post, Email Newsletter, Page Layout, Graphic
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Middlebury College, BA
Brown University, MA
Fairfield University, MA

Calderwood, P. Aboud,M. Favano,A. Jean-Guillame,V. McNeill,D. and Stenerson, C. (2007). The Conversation of Critical Practice: Pre-service Teachers as Educators for Social Justice. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

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