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Carrie A. Watson is a freelance writer, author, and artist with over twenty years of writing experience for numerous companies and organizations in various publications. Her work includes pieces published in books, periodicals, on websites and in catalogs. She specializes in areas of health, nutrition, fitness, mainstream and alternative medicine and the biological sciences. She is the forthcoming author of Whole Health: Creating Balance between Body, Mind, and Soul. She hopes to delve into the world of fiction in the future and has been playing around with some storylines in her free time.
Health, Nutrition, and Fitness
Carrie has over twenty-five years of experience working in the medical field and has studied alternative medicine for over twenty years. She has a passion for herbal medicine which led her to create most of the remedies she uses herself right at home. Carrie unashamedly has a huge collection of herbal and alternative books surrounding her in her home at any given time and refers to each of them often when using, studying or writing about a new procedure. Carrie believes the best options we have when it comes to health care and prevention are an educated integration of mainstream and alternative options.
As well as many years of alternative study, Carrie also has a background in the health care field. Her years of experience have equipped her with knowledge of how to best keep our bodies and minds vibrant and healthy as we age. A firm knowledge in how the body and its cells function play a large part in her understanding of how to keep as healthy as possible through the years. Carrie has a strong background in the study of Molecular and Cellular Biology and Biochemistry with her schooling through Colorado State University-Pueblo. Here she experienced the added opportunity to learn first-hand about biological life and DNA structure while working with a form of bacteria in the laboratory found at the school.
Presently Working On
Currently, Carrie is writing and sharing what she can about biology, medicine, and alternative remedies. Her articles may be found on numerous websites and blogs. She is also continuing her education to receive further degrees in the medical field. Carrie's goal through all of her schooling and writing is to try to help as many people as possible while she is here.
Carrie has also spent many years working in the field of art. Her drawings and paintings can be found online in numerous forms. She continues to work on art in her spare time as well as her writing. She has recently moved from the mountains of Colorado to the rolling hills of Missouri where she is able to write peacefully while enjoying spending time with her children and grandchlidren.
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Blog Post, Whitepaper, Ebook, Website Copy, Product Description, Press Release, Email Newsletter, Guide, General Photo, Commercial, Documentary, Recipe
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Colorado State University-Pueblo, Biochemistry / Molecular and Cellular Biology - not completed
Pueblo Community College - Fremont Campus, AS - Biology / AA-Art History
Washburn, MO, USA|English

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