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My experience with editing and proofreading began when I was sophomore in college and worked as a teaching assistant for various professors at my college. Most of my work as a TA involved reading, commenting on and offering suggestions for improvement on students' essays. I also worked as an intern for San Diego Writers, Ink, a creative nonprofit organization. In that position, I wrote, edited and interviewed authors as needed. I also pitched, wrote and published blog posts. I gained further experience in online publishing and marketing while serving as the Senior Editor for Entity Magazine, an online publication focused on empowering women. During my time with Entity Magazine, I researched and interviewed experts as needed for articles, and edited articles for grammar, clarity and appeal to online audiences. Besides these writing jobs, I've also gained valuable experience with blogging and social media management through writing my own successful blog, Casey the College Celiac. Since launching my blog over 4 years ago, I have worked on national campaigns and with various big-name gluten free brands. I have also grown my social media following to over 10K.
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