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I am currently a student at the University of Central Florida studying Writing and Rhetoric. I'm also minoring in Sociology and Political Science. Much of my writing is based around politics and social justice, but I also write about movies and TV. I write blog posts, articles, social media posts, and other online content.
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University of Central Florida, Writing and Rhetoric
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840, USA|English

Published Content

Blog Post
Plan B & Emergency Contraceptives

This is a post I wrote for The Feronia Project, educating the audience on Plan B, an emergency contraceptive.

April, 5 2017
Blog Post
The Link Between Depression and Reproductive Health: Yes, they’re connected

This is a blog post I wrote for The Feronia Project exploring the links between mental health and reproductive health.

May, 16 2017
We still Need Gay Pride Because Gay Rights Aren't Human Rights yet

This is more politically charged piece I wrote about why having a pride month and pride festivals is still important for the queer community.

June, 6 2018
7 Things My Upstairs Neighbor LOVES To Do
April, 22 2018
"Avengers: Infinity War" Is Not Your Standard Superhero Movie

This was an article I wrote for Odyssey Online reviewing "Avengers: Infinity."

May, 10 2018
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