Catherine Radke

Copywriter, Photographer, Writer

Honoring spirit, truth and diversity. Embracing freedom, to be.

Catherine has been writing for as long as she can remember.

Entire books are hidden in the confines of many computer files and in boxes of handwritten journals (when those were popular).

After many years of closet writing and a few handfuls of published works, she is now ardently pursing a more committed writing career. She must, because she just quite her day job to embark on a new journey.

Catherine has many diverse interests and is passionate about every one of them. Her life experiences are equally colorful and diverse-they fuel her writing spirit.

She is most passionate about honoring authenticity in life and about everyone's right and privilege to live true to themselves, free of self-limiting beliefs and judgement.

Catherine is a writer, dancer, jewelry designer, LGTBQ ally, mother, and a million other things. Lately she's been painting rocks, which makes her a rock painter too.

She currently resides in Montana but has lived in Spain, Germany, Japan, Texas, Idaho and a few other states. She will be moving soon to a sunny place near an ocean. Her house caught on fire a couple of months ago and she needs a change of scenery.

Her professional jobs included working with criminals, addicts, neglected children and angry people. Her life experiences in all their colorful good and bad glory have given her the ability to view life from many different perspectives.

She's done trying to save the world for now and is looking forward new adventures in writing, art, and freedom seeking.

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Article, Blog Post, Checklist, Press Release, Website Copy, Product Description, Product Photography, Interview, Ad/Promotional Copy
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Idaho State University, BA Sociology

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Second Chance for Radiant Skin With Broadband Light Therapy
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