Cayleigh Stickler

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

Share your brand story, simply.

Let me guess: You love stories. (Am I right?)

Well, so do I!

In fact, I love stories so much, I dedicated my entire mission around helping you share yours with the people who matter most. (Your community!)

I work with mission-based entrepreneurs, non-profits, and authors to help them dig deep and share their story in an impactful way that inspires their community to take action.

If you're a wellness coach, that means getting people so jazzed they hire you to help them transform their lives.
If you have a non-profit, it means getting funding and volunteers to further your mission.
If you're an author, more book sales and happy readers.

(And let's be honest, the world needs more action-takers, change-makers, and books.)

And I make it simple too.

Through my process that's based on psychology and neuroscience, I help you get really clear on what exactly your brand story is, then we go into how you can share that message to grow your community, and we strategize ways to inspire your community to take action.

And once we work through your entire business, brand, and content strategy and you still feel overwhelmed?

No worries! I've been doing this for 11 years, and I can support you in executing your plan.

Whether that includes writing blog articles, email newsletters, or social media posts; or if it means helping you edit your book so it meets industry standards and helping you set up campaigns for your next launch --- I've got you.

That way you can focus on the big-picture creative visionary things in your business while I handle all the details.

Sound good? I think so too.

Let's talk.
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University of Tampa, BS Psychology
University of Tampa, BS Biochemistry
University of Tampa , BA English Literature
Salt Lake City, UT, USA|English, French

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