Celestine Allen

An Envisioned Voice - Expression of Thought Through Experience

It has been a great journey to "live" in a myriad of business organizations. Along this journey, I claim the growth, the lessons learned, and the ability to embrace my introspective self. I have garned a unique understanding of business practices, have utilized my inherent skills to effectively recruit viable candidates, and have had an opportunity to impact the professional lives of employees that I have supported.

Being organizationally nosey, being sensitive to the " needs of the employee and the organization, and being self-discerning has allowed for this stance in my professional life.

I have come to embrace me "totally" in my personal and professional endeavors. Whether it be in my role as an HR Professional, a "foodie", an auntie, and a writer.

With over 35 years as an HR Professional, I take pride in my stellar recruiting expertise. I take pride in my big picture orientation in terms of what makes an organization successful. I take pride in the fact that I have worked in varying industries - all of which I was organizationally nosey to understand what the critical success factors were. Whether it was manufacturing, service, hospitality, government contractors, healthcare, and educational facilities, I embraced this same principle of understanding throughout my professional career. I am also a published author of "Voice From the Soul of Trees".

I understand business operations.
I understand human dynamics in the workplace.
I understand people beyond the workplace.
I understand the nuances of performance management and legal implications.
I understand me.

With my varied experience, I will parlay this experience into writing projects that are assigned to me.

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