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Ask Why My Content Creates $100,000+ For Multi-Million-Dollar Brands

Avoid This Mistake BEFORE Launching Your New Website, Social Media, Or Sales Funnel:

So you’ve assembled a team. Built an online brand. Flooded it with content. And launched a campaign driving people to an irresistible product. You feel like Steve Jobs.

Now you wait for the hungry clients who DEMAND to do business with you.

(And compliment your good looks!)

You wait… and wait…hmm.. Who dropped the ball? Let’s look at the culprits.

1) The Writer - You say “write” and their only question is “how long?” It can’t be that hard! Open up Word, punch some keys, call it a day - Wrong!

Don’t be alarmed when the person accepting $10 and a Snickers Bar doesn’t deliver digital gold.

If you can’t distinguish between junk written to fill up space and content that really makes people SWEAT 💦 in their sleep because they MUST buy...

Newsflash: Neither can the so-called writer!

80% of good content is researching your core audience and product. I’ve invested literal days speaking to my client’s client, asking meaningful questions, and studying their industry.

2) The Tech - This person makes stellar websites. Unfortunately, they speak Wookie. 🐻 And it shows in their writing and videos.

Good web design doesn’t guarantee good content. 🤯 Your tech knows the bells and whistles... but not the powerful psychological principles of selling to THOUSANDS in your sleep.

I do.

It’s called COPYWRITING. You see it everywhere - websites, magazines, Youtube ads, even on potato chip bags!

★★★★★ “In the end you not only get a motivated client to work with but also a grateful person.” -Christoph S.

★★★★★ ”His Copywriting skill is just phenomenal, making prospects glued to the text (and laugh, quite often!). His creativity and dedication are next to none, creating instant results!” -Naomi H.

★★★★★ “He is internationally recognized and awarded as the top contributor to one of the largest platforms for sales training organizations on the planet.” -Jeff G.

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