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Your business can make money in two ways. By getting new clients or by keeping old clients and getting them to buy more products. To get new clients you need to attract them, grab their attention and convince them to buy into your company. To keep the old clients and get them to buy more of your products you need to strengthen the reputation of your business/brand and ALSO do all of the above. Great Sales Copy can help you do that.

There are HUNDREDS of companies maybe even THOUSANDS competing with your product 24 HOURS a day 7 DAYS a week. So what can your business have that sets it apart from the rest of your competitors and gets the customers to buy from your company? Great Copy. I write Great Copy.

Every Copy I write is specifically tailored and meticulously crafted to
1) Grab Eyeballs
2) Stand Out
3) Connect with your Customers
4) Build Credibility
4) Offer a Solution to the Customers Problems in the Form of Your Product
5) Increase Loyalty to Your Brand

I have written copy for clients from various industries everything from the medical field to the gaming field.

Your success is my success and so I offer a money back guarantee on all of my work. If the copy I write does not have a conversion rate that is higher than the copy you had before or if the copy I write doesnt have a conversion rate that is higher than that of the industry standard, I will not take a single penny for my work.
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Infographic Copy, Product Description, Social Copy, Website Copy, Press Release, Direct Mail, Blog Post, Ad/Promotional Copy
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University of Toronto, Computer Science
Ajax, ON, Canada|English

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