Chelsea Williams

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The mind unfolded, Words breathing life

Chelsea Williams is a creative thinker, a visionary, an exemplary amateur freelance writer. This writer is in tune with the music and melody of words, so much so that to her the use of words is entertainment within itself. Her soul connection to writing was discover in her years as a child through her love of poetry. Poetry in her eyes and through her ears demonstrates one of the many ways in which words can be molded and fashioned into art. She loves laughter and finding amusement in ordinary events. Events that seem to many to be "just ordinary", to her are filled with pockets of entertainment from which comedies, drama, romance, mystery among many other short stories can be drawn. An highlight to her catalogue is the experience she has garnered through administrative support roles, which has contributed immensely to her holistic growth as a freelance writer by further nurturing her knowledge of the power and importance of the use of the English language.
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University of Technology, Jamaica, Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning
Kingston, Jamaica|English

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