Cherno Hidra

Content Strategist, Editor, Writer, Managing Editor

Market Research, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Creator and Entrepreneurship

I am a graduate at California State University East Bay
Majored in Business Administration in a Degree in Marketing Management (BS). As a successful Marketing professional with broad experience leading a startup business, I am extremely focus driven, and results oriented leader. I am seeking this job to better utilize my Social Media Marketing experience and I have the ability to put any content that I will be publishing to reach a vast amount of niche audience. I have an exclusive knowledge in Multimedia and Product Marketing. I have strong leadership skills, organizational skills, great social skills, hard working, and I love networking with people. I am Trilingual; I speak French, English, and some native Moroccan, and Sierra Leonean languages. I control few pages on Facebook one of which has 35 thousand followers, and my content is very appealing and captures people’s attention. I believe my diverse skills are highly transferable to any industry and I can work seamlessly with anyone who, I will be teaming up with to create content. I also taught a Social Media Marketing Class in the continuing program which I was invited to teach others on my success as a Director of Marketing of a Startup and how I took the company to shark tank audition and got media time, and how I create content to better suit the company, and how they can succeed with Social Media Marketing.
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CSU East Bay , Business Administration Marketing Management
San Ramon, CA, USA|English

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