Cheryl Hosmer

A prolific writer with a sixth sense about Steve McQueen, that's me.

Cheryl Hosmer teaches online enrichment courses in community journalism, MERLD and creative writing. She partners with biographer Marshall Terrill and is the founder of MERLD World, helping families deal with the ups and downs of having children with mixed expressive/receptive language disorder. After graduating from Michigan's Madonna University with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, she was halfway through her masters in training and development, when she realized how much she missed developing stories and characters that create full immersion for her readers.

Cheryl specializes in biographies, poverty studies, Catholicism and the Rosary as well as MERLD. Other interests include family studies, history, genealogy, natural science and creative nonfiction. She is slowly venturing into local theatre and having fun revisiting the world of voice over magic.

Editing credits include: The Angel Letters (2008); Steve McQueen: The Last Mile (2007); Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel (1994) Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business (2007); Maravich, (2006); and Steve McQueen: The King of Cool (2010). She has written numerous newspaper articles for various publications and has edited two major university books. She recently finished ghostwriting her first novel. With two new novels and a parenting self-help book in the works, Cheryl is jumping into educational resources for special needs children, the exciting world of playwriting and supporting the arts.

Cheryl and her family reside in Michigan with their dog who thinks he's a cat.
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