Chris Colajezzi

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Interesting topics need interesting writing.

Chris is a Southern California native who is always in touch with his surrounding community. Over the years he has worked with several local businesses to give them the exact writings that they need to keep on the pulse of relevant events in the area.

Having worked with local retail shops, real estate agents and community blog spaces, Chris has a wide range of experience in delivering what specific businesses need regarding their web presence. Also being an Ocean Lifeguard and well versed in ocean sports as well as general outdoor fitness, Chris is able to maintain a great perspective for the outdoors and has a well-balanced life.

On top of writing professionally as well as maintaining a Lifeguarding career, Chris has extensive knowledge as a musician both as a hobby as well as pursuing aspirations as a performing musician in the area. Add extensive world travels throughout his adult life as well as a passion for gaming, and you are left with a well-rounded writer with a unique perspective for all walks of life.
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Article, Ebook, Website Copy, Blog Post
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CSU Channel Islands, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Ventura, CA, USA|English

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