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Copy Editor, Copywriter

Compelling Web Content and Copywriting that Engages Your Audience

You're building your business -- and you're seeing results. But you want more. More traffic to your site. More sales. More influence.

You already know the power of a great message to reach more customers and build your brand.

Maybe you've tried doing it on your own... and you didn't have time to add another thing to your plate.

Or maybe you've tried hiring someone on the cheap... and they delivered copy that read like your wireless router's owner manual.

You know what you need: a copywriter laser-focused on results.

You need someone who'll take the time to get to know you and your brand. Someone who will devour research to understand what your customers really want... and how your company is perfectly positioned to help them.

You need a professional. Someone you'll feel comfortable with from the start. Someone who keeps you in the loop with regular updates... and delivers on time, every time. (Or even early.)

You need someone who doesn't settle for good enough. Someone who will tell a compelling story that keeps your readers glued to their smartphone screens. Someone who won't stop until they've found the story that sets you apart -- and told it in your company's unique voice.

When you work with me, you're hiring a professional.

From blogs to academic articles to adult learning courses, I've written it all. And I know your audience is craving content that's delectable -- not dull. I'll dive deep into the research to understand your brand. And I'll deliver pristine copy that delights your readers.

My commitment to delivering results has earned accolades like these:

“WOW! That is amazing I love the tone, how positive and encouraging it is, informative and yet has that sense of humor I am looking for. I have hired on here before and you blow everyone out of the water.”

Here's what you'll get when we work together:

- Consultation: we'll do an initial client call to make sure we're a good match
- Market research: I'll dig deep into your client data, study the competition, and conduct interviews -- and nail down what makes your brand special
- Communication: You'll get regular updates in your inbox as the process moves along
- Collaboration: We'll work together as a team. You'll get timely results from me. And I'll keep working with you until we've captured your company's unique voice
- Fun: It'll be relaxed, collaborative and enjoyable. After all, this is all about getting results for your business, right?

And best of all, you won't have to worry about it. You can hand this one off to me -- and get back to running your business.

So what will you decide?

You can always do it on the cheap. You know how that's going to end: formulaic, let-me-list-the-features-for-you copy. (Yawn.)

Or you can hire a professional who will take the time to craft a compelling message that engages your customers. (And leave the stressing out to your competitors.)

If that's what you're looking for, we should talk. Let's start a conversation!
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University of Virginia, Ph.D.
Alexandria, VA, USA|Languages

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