Chrissa Reed

Copy Editor, Copywriter

Writing about sewing, style, culture and sustainability.

Hi, I’m Chrissa. I’ve worked as a journalist and teacher and have a Master of International Relations. During my career so far, I’ve written and edited across a variety of content platforms including press releases, news articles, reports, blog posts, newsletters, resumes, emails, letters, academic reports and essays.

My goal is to help you deliver compelling and flawless content so that your message reaches your target audience while staying true to your voice, your brand and your business. Whether it’s through copywriting, proofreading or copyediting, I will help you reach your goals and get your message across.

Topics I write passionately about include sewing, style, slow fashion, culture and creativity.

Content Types
Article, Infographic Copy, Press Release, Blog Post, Email Newsletter, Ad/Promotional Copy, Product Description, Commercial, Direct Mail
More Information
Griffith University, Master of International Relations
University of Southern Queensland, Graduate Diploma in Learning & Teaching
University of Southern Queensland, BA Journalism, Mandarin & Indonesian
Hervey Bay QLD Australia|English

Published Content

Blog Post
A Polka Dot Mustard Knit Dress

Where a lot of people probably equate the cooler months with jeans and jackets, for me, cooler weather equals knit dresses. They’re versatile, can be dressed up or down – in short, knit dresses tick a lot of boxes in my book. Which is why I was keen to make one myself!

June 17th, 2019
Blog Post
Six Blogs to Inspire and Delight
March 15th, 2019
Blog Post
7 Books You Should Read

Not sure what to read next? Here are seven of my favourite reads - from fun and lighthearted, to chilling and dark, to whimsical and fairytale-like.

March 6th, 2019
Blog Post
The Best Time to Wander the Streets of Saint-Émilion

At the end of the day, when most tourists have returned to Bordeaux, wandering the streets of Saint-Émilion can be quite the magical experience.

February 26th, 2019
Blog Post
Too Busy to Read? 5 Easy Ways to Make Time to Read

Don't have time to read? Weaving a little reading time into your day doesn’t require taking a sabbatical or going completely off the grid. In fact, it's easier than you might think!

February 25th, 2019
Blog Post
Lyrebird by Cecelia Ahern

In this post, I discuss one of my latest fiction reads - Lyrebird by Cecelia Ahern.

February 15th, 2019
Blog Post
Finding Joy in the Small Moments

This post shares some of my still-life photography along with an article on the importance of appreciating the small, everyday moments that can be filled with beauty and joy.

February 14th, 2019
Blog Post
Should I Hire a Copywriter?

In your business, the words you write, and the subsequent message you convey goes hand in hand with how successful your business is. This post highlights why hiring a copywriter can be an extremely smart move for marketing your business or brand.

February 8th, 2019
Blog Post
How I Stumbled into Sewing My Own Clothes

This post describes how what started off with a desire to learn how to carry out some basic alterations on my store-bought clothes, soon morphed into a serious sewing addiction!

January 24th, 2019
Blog Post
Why Hiring a Proofreader Can Do Wonders for Your Business

A few simple mistakes in your content could mean the difference between a potential customer clicking for more and a potential customer clicking away.

January 22nd, 2019
Blog Post
Why Sewing Your Own Clothes is the Perfect Antidote to Fast Fashion

As a society, we've become rather addicted to fast fashion. But there's a solution to conquering your fast fashion fixes: sewing your own clothes.

January 15th, 2019
Blog Post
5 Super Easy Ways to Start Living Sustainably Right Now

If living sustainably seems too overwhelming, these easy tips will have you on the road to making more sustainable choices in your everyday life in no time!

January 14th, 2019
Blog Post
What’s the Deal with Sustainable Living?

As the idea of living sustainably gains momentum in society, this post explores if sustainable living is simply the latest fad or the result of something much deeper.

January 11th, 2019
Blog Post
When It’s Time to Step Away from the Screen

In an age where we’re constantly glued to our phones and toddlers are swiping their way through iPads before they’ve learnt how to speak, you’d be forgiven for wondering how we even went through life before our screens became almost as necessary as breathing.

November 11th, 2015
Blog Post
Who’s Making the Choices: You or the Internet?

This article explores how Internet algorithms influence our everyday choices.

November 4th, 2015
Blog Post
How to Bounce Back After an Epic Sewing Flop

If you ever find your sewjo (sewing mojo) flagging due to one too many sewing flops, don't despair. These tips will help you bounce back to your dressmaking designs in no time!

November 21st, 2017
The Battle Between Deep Reading and Distractions

In an age of ever decreasing attention spans, this article explores the importance of making time for deep reading.

October 15th, 2015
Blog Post
Why Having a Creative Outlet is Essential

When most of us think of creativity, we usually think of people who are actual artists, right? At least I often do. But creative outlets are not just for creatives. At least they shouldn’t be.

October 1st, 2015
Short Story: Bittersweet

This is a short story that explores the idea that often the most precious moments in life are also the most fleeting.

March 26th, 2018
Blog Post
The Perils of Reading a Novel Midweek

For most bookworms, picking up a novel can quickly turn into an addictive, all consuming - nothing else exists - affair.

March 7th, 2018
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