Christa Geraghty

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

While others are passionate about writing, I am obsessed.

I am currently a part-time M.B.A. marketing student who is a generalist copywriter and content creator. I have written on a variety of topics including, health, beauty, home, garden, retail, and other consumer products and services for my clients. I am obsessed with the written word and connecting with my audience.
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Blog Post, Website Copy, Product Description, Recipe, Article
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Central Michigan University, M.B.A. Marketing
Schoolcraft Community College, Culinary Arts
Maryville University, B.A. Pyschology/Sociology
Detroit, MI, USA|English

Published Content

Blog Post
Remember When the Government Paid You For Your Clunker?

Promotion of a car buying for cash network.

September, 18 2018
Blog Post
The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

Dangers during the holidays and the importance of CPR and other emergency training.

November, 19 2018
Blog Post
Enhance Your Home Decor in Time for the Holidays

Enhancing the appearance of one's home using ceiling medallions.

October, 31 2018
Image upload
Ebook front cover.jpg

An early chapter book about second-grader, Joey Martin, his soup creation, and how he dealt with his peers teasing him about his love for such a stinky soup.
Blog Post
The Collapse of a Summer Empire

Story on a personal blog.

August, 16 2018
Blog Post
Dear Inspiration

Finding my writing inspiration.

September, 6 2018
Blog Post
3 Baking Classes and Lessons For Your Little Ones

Appropriate cooking lessons for children.

September, 20 2018
Blog Post
School’s Out for Summer
April, 22 2018
Blog Post
Tips on Moving Without Breaking the Bank
May, 23 2018
Blog Post
Weeds, Gone Like Yesterday’s News
June, 27 2018
Blog Post
The Garden Conservancy: Opening Up Gardens and Minds
July, 4 2018
Blog Post
Being Prepared for the “What Ifs”
May, 16 2018
Blog Post
Mother Approved
June, 28 2018
Blog Post
Benefits to Roasting Your Own Coffee at Home
March, 22 2018
Blog Post
Perfect Gifts Ideas for the Graduate
May, 16 2018
Blog Post
Calling All Artists – Customizable Cabin Containers
March, 27 2018
Blog Post
Indoor Cycling Guide – What to Eat After Cardio
June, 6 2018
Blog Post
LEED Your Home into the Future
February, 11 2018
Blog Post
6 Quality Italian Kitchen Cabinet Brands to Install in Your Home
May, 9 2018
Blog Post
Walk Away from Winter
Blog Post
Instant Pot-Guilty of Instant Dinner Disasters
May, 13 2018
Blog Post
The Benefits of Assisted Stretching in Older Adults

A post discussing the benefits of assisted stretching in older adults.

April, 19 2018
The dangerous love affair between Donald Trump and his secret sauce

An article on Donald Trump's insatiable fast food habit.

January, 10 2018
Blog Post
What’s the Hype Behind Professional Lash Extensions?

A post on explaining different types of lash extensions.

April, 11 2018
Blog Post
You Got It We Want It

A post discussing the advantages of selling one's used car to this specific company.

January, 17 2018
Blog Post
Landscaping and Return on Investment

A post on what a homeowner can do in terms of landscaping to increase the value of one's home when it is time to sell.

May, 30 2018
Blog Post
Get Creative with Your Crown Molding & Other Decorative Elements

Using crown molding and decorative elements to update or beautify one's home.

May, 25 2018
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