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Chris Landau is an author of Science Fiction and Faction


Chris Landau published scientific papers from 2008 to 2010 on geology and astronomy. He began writing Oped science articles in 2010. He started Science Fiction and Fantasy writing in 2014. He has completed a Science Fiction Epic Multiverse Trilogy called XiFiSy and published it in January and February of 2018.
The first book, is Xi and is about getting to know the main antimatter character Xi and the Earth Astronauts in both matter and antimatter universes.
Book 2 is called XiFiSy and is about their meeting and how they interact on Earth and other planets.
Book 3 is called Xing. It is the story of multiversal travel and the battles that are waged in many universes until XiFiSy takes her place as the communicator in the Ultriverse.
He lives in Florence, Oregon, USA with his wife, Susan, a writer and Special Education and English Teacher.
He has also published two short stories called, 'The War of the Muses' and 'Red and Blue Sheep.'
All stories are written in International English with Oxford Spelling.
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University of the Witwatersrand, B. Sc.
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