Christian Rhea

Content Strategist, Ghostwriter, Technical Writer, Writer

If you have something that needs saying, I will find a way to say it for you.

Anime. Steak. Comic Books. Video Games. Those four words are me in a nutshell. I love to make people happy (I also do stand-up comedy), and motivate. I'm looking to provide for my future wife, and our future kids. I'm determined to make that happen, as am I determined to please. I'm strongly opinionated, and I give my 100% to anything and everything I do: Giving any less than 100% may as well be 0. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, so I had an incredible love for my home (despite wanting to leave the city). I bring passion to the table, meet passion that's already there, and try to inspire passion in those that need it.
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Product Description, Presentation, Interview, Whitepaper, Checklist, Script, Blog Post
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La Sierra High School, High School Diploma
Santa Monica College, Some College
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English

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