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Content copywriter and brand strategist with a flair for digital storytelling

Having grown up in Mexico and subsequently moved to California permanently, has allowed me the privilege of seeing life from various angles. It's like I was born inside a taco—always looking outwards toward a world that smelled like garlic, cumin, paprika, onion, and cilantro...and other stuff too. Anyhow, I was thrust out of this psychic taco unto a world that gave me hope, slight terror, and California's signature sun-bleached, grains-of-sand-in-your-beach-bag-forever-goodness.
Soon, I realized that I'm what some might call an "idea person", or as I lovingly call it: "a weird person that writes things in her phone during inappropriate times because this idea could make millions—or at the very least, thousands!". Now, I have thrown myself writing hand first into the fast and loose world of brand marketing—a world that like a taco, invokes love and a plethora of opinions about psychographics. Hooray for too many opinions!

Oh, and by the way, my dog's name is also Taco.
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Article, Narrative Video, Commercial, Social Copy, Script, Explainer Video, Ad/Promotional Copy
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San Diego State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English, Spanish

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