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CAR Darcey been writing stories, dabbling in illustrating, and loving every minute of it for more than 20 years. In 2017 she wrote, illustrated, and self-published a children's e-book. She currently writes for content mills such as BlogMutt and ConstantContent, as well as ClearVoice. She is also working at a doggy daycare, as a tutor, and as wife to her wonderful husband and mother to her three-year-old son. She love animals, gardening, and making things by hand.
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Blog Post
Deck Gardens: Tips for Getting Started

Tips for starting a deck garden, including planning, planting, and maintaining.

May, 5 2018
Blog Post
What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Trainer
September, 14 2018
Blog Post
A Bitter Melon to Swallow

This blog post covers an explanation of bitter melon, its health benefits, and how it can be incorporated into one's diet.
Party Like the Locals: South Louisiana Festivals

This article advises attending a festival to have a taste of the food, music and culture of South Louisiana.

May, 3 2018
Blog Post
It's spring! Start a Garden: Gardens for All Places

Everyone can enjoy the health benefits of gardening. Learn about advantages and disadvantages of 3 types of gardens.

May, 7 2018

Animals and Pets

Blog Post
What to Consider When Choosing a Doggie Daycare
September, 8 2018
Blog Post
Livestock Guardian Dogs: 3 Breeds That Make Great Pets
September, 7 2018

Food and Nutrition

Bilberry Fruit: the Wild-Growing Superfood
August, 24 2018
The 3 C's of Using Coffee Creatively in Your Kitchen

Explore the versatility of coffee.

July, 13 2018
Blog Post
Veggie Spotlight: What is a Watermelon Radish?

Explanation of watermelon radishes, their uses, and how to grow them.

May, 11 2018
Blog Post
It's all Fenugreek to Me

A description of fenugreek, its uses, and its health benefits.

May, 14 2018
Blog Post
Everything but the Kitchen Zinc

A description zinc's health benefits and dietary sources.

May, 11 2018

Cooking and Recipes

Blog Post
Have You had Your Coffee Today? 10 Creative Ways to Cook with Coffee
August, 22 2018
Blog Post
Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes for Moms
July, 22 2018


Southern Summer Mountain Festivals in North Carolina
July, 21 2018

Fitness and General Health

Blog Post
3 Easy Practices for Preventing Youth Sport Injuries
August, 13 2018
Blog Post
3 Simple Ways to Avoid Driving Under the Influence
September, 24 2018
Blog Post
What You Need to Know Before Running with Your Dog
July, 29 2018


Choosing Who or Whom

Grammar tutorial.

January, 18 2018


J.J.'s Bedtime Adventures: In Space

A young children's bedtime story. Book one of J.J.'s Bedtime Adventures.

May, 1 2017
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