Christine Hall

Freelance writer specializing in FOSS, progressive politics and culture.

Christine Hall began her career writing for newspapers and other periodicals in 1971 when she penned her first story for the Los Angeles Free Press. Through the 1970s, she was a regular contributor to numerous counter cultural “underground” newspapers and her writing was often distributed by the Underground Press Syndicate. Also during this time, Ms. Hall served for a while as Station Coordinator for CRUD, or “Radio Rochdale,” at student-run Rochdale College in Toronto, Canada. While in Toronto, she also co-founded, with Forest Fusco Jr., Stardust, a monthly science-fiction magazine.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Hall was Program Director of KOCN in Pacific Grove, California, where she was also the morning drive time announcer, and hosted a weekly entertainment program on KAZU, at that time an unaffliated nonprofit listener-supported station serving the Monterey Peninsula in California. At the same time, she penned a music column for a weekly alternative newpaper and was a theater reviewer for the daily Monterey Peninsula Herald.

After returning to her native North Carolina in the middle of the 1980s, she served as Program Director for newstalk radio station WKEW, where she was also the mid-day talk show host. While at WKEW, she spent several years as a staff writer for Omega News, a monthly newspaper devoted to left-leaning politics.

Hall left WKEW in 1990 and after a brief stint writing features for Triad Style, a weekly alternative paper published by the News & Record of Greensboro, she settled-in at ESP Magazine, a weekly entertainment paper published by the High Point Enterprise. For the last eight years she was with ESP, from 1997 until 2005 when the Enterprise folded the paper, she penned a weekly column, Alternative Approaches, which became the springboard for her first website,, which went online in January of 2000. During that time, she also wrote a weekly computer column, Bits & Bytes, under the name Ms. Lin MacDos.

At present, Ms. Hall is the owner and editor of FOSS Force and the political site If This Be Treason.
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