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Sir Terry Pratchett, the famous English satirist, once said, "the first draft is just you telling yourself the story." To put this quote in context, this is my first draft of this write-up, and I hope my story will inspire you to hire me for your project.

I grew up in the English midlands right on the banks of River Trent. In this part of the world, William Shakespeare is a household name, and you get acquainted with his works before you set foot in a kindergarten. I read his pieces over and over again, and in no time, I realized how powerful the idea of putting ideas on paper is. "Sadly," I didn't go the playwriting way, but I developed a knack for writing on contemporary issues, and when content marketing started gaining traction, I was perfectly poised for the ride.

For me, writing is like an itch that never goes away. While I have written many well-ranking pieces, I still have the burning desire and passion for writing more. Finally, I believe the key to a good piece is writing from the soul, feeling the piece first before putting pen on paper. I intend to do the same for your project. Let's get started.
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