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The dark horse is a quiet, albeit powerful, symbol of triumph. The dark horse cares not for plights which do not concern the dark horse, as the dark horse only aims to secure the dark horse’s abidance to the innate agenda that has been bestowed upon the dark horse. The dark horse is versatile, never revealing the insurmountable power, for that gives the dark horse an advantage over all other competition. The dark horse exists to win; the dark horse will use that concealed strength to prevail through all dissolution of hope, only to ensure ultimate completion of the dark horse’s primary and only objective in life: To prevail forth.

I have been writing short stories, novels, and novellas for over 10 years. Words are my passion---placing them together like a puzzle to construct an aesthetic and brilliant piece of art. I have self-published a novel (Tenure) through Amazon and am almost complete with my second novel. I am seeking to establish myself in the field of writing by placing forth my utmost effort to ensure success.
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Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Corpus Christi, TX, USA|English

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