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Experienced, dynamic, scientific and creative wordsmith with a knack for adaptation.

Claire received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Fairmont State University in 2018. She does research in Psychology, Sociology, Psychometrics and Biopsychology, and aspires to obtain a Doctor of Medicine degree and specialize in Neuropsychiatry.
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“The Speedway”
“Revelations: I’ve Lost Count”
May, 20 2014
Harvard Writing Response

This is a response composed to highlight the most helpful and insightful portions of an article acquired in college that was written to assist students in writing psychological papers with precision and aplomb.
Article Critique: “Want to Block Earworms from Conscious Awareness? B(u)y Gum!”

Critical analysis of an article that I later used to construct a study via replication and extension.
Case Study
The Earworm Phenomenon: An Extension and Replication Study for Further Understanding of the Roles of Autobiographical Memory and Thought Suppression in Involuntary Musical Imagery
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