Clare Duncan

Copy Editor, Photographer, Writer

Aspiring Journalist

My name is Clare and I am studying Journalism and Humanities at Carleton University.
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Article, Blog Post, Candid Photography, General Photo, Interview, Live Event, News Photography, Press Release
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Carleton University, Journalism and Humanities
Ottawa, ON, Canada|English

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Blog Post
Why I can’t Return to the Place I Called Home for 7 Years
July, 10 2017
Blog Post
Life in Transit

On time, transition, and change.

November, 12 2017
Blog Post
On Feeling and Feeling Too Much

This was the product of writing sporadically over about two weeks, and compiling numerous different thoughts into one piece. It may or may not make much sense but I’m trying not to be afraid of sharing exactly what I’m thinking.

March, 12 2018
Blog Post
I’m writing about you…

This year brought many changes to my life. Many of the changes were a result of the people I surrounded myself with, or didn’t surround myself with. Thanks to these people I’ve come to know what I want in a friendship/relationship and come to know what I want for myself. This is a piece on a particular person who meant a lot to me. It’s an honest collection of thoughts and feelings I’ve had towards them over the past several months which have either evolved into something else or left me completely. Writing this has helped me find closure. I am grateful for the outlet this blog has given me, and thankful for the people who genuinely care about what I write. Here’s to all the people who gave me something to write about…

June, 13 2018
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