Clark Boyd

Digital marketing writer and consultant.

I am a freelance writer with a particular passion for digital marketing. I have spent over 8 years working in this field and I have extensive experience in SEO, PPC, and Facebook advertising.

I have lived and worked in London, Sydney, and New York, but I am originally from the beautiful city of Belfast.
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March, 7 2017
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October, 13 2017
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August, 2 2016
How HubBox is delivering the 'last mile revolution' to retailers and consumers
February, 16 2018
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December, 9 2017
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March, 12 2018
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January, 10 2018
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February, 12 2018
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February, 26 2018
[Report] Analyzing the M&A of the big four: Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon
November, 20 2017
How Airbnb is putting AMP at the core of its digital strategy
January, 4 2018
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January, 19 2018
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April, 11 2017
How can analytics and AI allow marketers to predict the future?
August, 2 2017
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