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I've been an intense reader since wee childhood, inevitably setting me up for an equally intense career in writing. For years now, I've written for many online and print publications under various subjects. I specialize in writing about travel, food, and copywriting for products and businesses under these topics. My direct experiences in publishing have sharpened my skills in editing, proofreading, copywriting, transcribing, and storytelling; tools I can use to help you produce captivating content for your audience.

I enjoy helping others communicate their ideas more efficiently through clear writing, making anything sound incredibly fascinating. I believe that our best work comes from a balance of independence and collaboration. Let's work together and make it happen!

(I'm also an enthusiast of life. My downtime involves books, playing indoor soccer, surfing, and exploring the world of craft beer.)
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Article, Blog Post, Social Copy, Website Copy, Interview, Product Description, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, Landing Page
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University of Asia & the Pacific, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing
Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines|English

Published Content

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Travel story: The Northern Brew

I created this story from the ground up: pitching, coordination, itinerary, and the actual writing after going on the assignment. This was a full-on story production role and was pretty challenging, but was all quite fun in the end. It's an adventure story about going on a craft beer crawl while searching for good waves to ride, all along the coastline. An accurate anecdote of just how far we'll go for great beer and surf. As an avid surfer and craft beer enthusiast, I was in my element here!

November, 1 2018


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Food guide: "Halo-Halo"

I conceptualized and pitched this piece to the editors who were looking for a short piece about food. I decided to focus on this food for its colorful visuals and numerous versions. Instead of writing this in the usual food guide manner, I approached this from a unique angle: how one specific kind of food changes from region to region thanks to the creativity and resourcefulness of the chef. This one turned out quite nicely as an informational guide through a cultural lens.

December, 1 2018
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Ad/Promotional Copy
Behind the scenes: Beer label art

This was a promotional piece for a local craft brewery. Instead of advertising each beer as what's usually done, I thought of writing about their label artwork instead and telling the deeper story of their brewing and conceptualization as an art. I believe this made for some really interesting and unique content. I conceptualized and produced this piece in collaboration with the brewery's graphic designer so I could get a better understanding of each artwork. Really inspired stuff. As a craft beer enthusiast and animation fan, I really enjoyed working on this one!

August, 1 2018
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Buyers Guide
Gear Guide for commuters: Brave These Mean Streets

I conceptualized and pitched this concept to the editors, then researched for the items and produced the copy. It's a gear guide for daily commuters; things to help ease the pain of the daily grind! This was fun since I was given the freedom to be as casual or witty with the overall tone. Plus, I'm a hardcore commuter myself so I was kind of emotionally invested here.

June, 1 2018
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Ad/Promotional Copy
Surf lifestyle shops

I wrote these pieces as promotional copy as fulfillment for marketing promises, but without making them sound too aggressively advertisement-like. I worked with the owners of these surf lifestyle establishments, interviewing them to get a better idea of what their shops offer. I'm a surf kook myself, so these were fun to write!

December, 1 2017
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Neighborhood restaurants

These are restaurant pieces I wrote for a print magazine. I researched about each restaurant and talked to the owners when possible so I could create clear and captivating content, while still giving it a homey and firsthand feel. Just the thought of it makes me hungry again.

November, 1 2018
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Ad/Promotional Copy
Seafood restaurants, wine cellar, and island resorts

This is similar to the other promotional content I've shown, where I produced the content in collaboration with the business owners. I believe this made the content as authentic as possible, especially since I incorporated their own tips and insights.

March, 1 2018
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