Cole White

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With enough electricity, a story can make you shake.

Cole White can be found wandering back alleys and haunting the concrete meeting places of the revived. Currently he lives over an ancient burial site, near the altar of human sacrifice: skid row. He writes like someone who picked up a touch of evil to fight the dark. He loves and lives, in places and times, of near-dark, of unexplored philosophical wealth.
However, where most would focus on the cracks in the pavement, this author uses a pick axe and shovel to reach the secret tombs below. He dredges the underground.
Life is a story. Avoid a bad one. A bad story is like death. Cole White has seen death and come back. He knows he’d rather die than live life in a casket.
He has a B.A. in Mathematics from University of California, Santa Cruz and a Master’s in Applied Mathematics from Cal State University, Long Beach. He doesn’t fit into any mold.
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UC Santa Cruz, B.A. Mathematics
Cal State University, Long Beach, Master's Applied Mathematics
Nashville, TN, USA|English

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