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Colle Davis

As a published writer for over twenty years, I have co-authored six books. I am an executive business coach (35 years) dealing with executives, support staff, start-ups, entrepreneurs, problem children in organizations, and leadership training. Part of the coaching involves training clients to journal and use language effectively and to write well to enhance their careers.

• I am co-owner of several companies offering both products and services. My responsibilities include content, e-books, websites, online courses, press releases, social media, and marketing materials.

o Designed, written, and maintained several WordPress websites.
o Written blogs and content for websites.
o Published newsletters for twelve years to a worldwide subscriber base.
o I have written over 2,000 MyCoach’s Note newsletters since 1998.
o I have written press releases.
o Written and produced videos on YouTube (1,610 subscribers).
o Maintained a Facebook page for twelve years (6,000 friends).
o Maintained a presence on LinkedIn since 2003 with several hundred followers

• I have also co-written a United States Patent for a food-growing system, aquaponics. One-quarter of an acre of Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems feeds 240 people, and one acre of Portable Farms® feeds 1,000 people forever.
I have co-written an online course for aquaponics with my wife for our exclusive online school, Aquaponics University.
Growing healthy food and fish in aquaponics written by Colle and Phyllis Davis, inventors of Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems. Our technology for Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems, are now growing table vegetables and tank-raised fish in 25 countries, 50 US States and 6 Canadian Provinces.
• Commercial Aquaponics GOLD
• Aquaponics GOLD
• Backyard Aquaponics GOLD
• Greenhouse & Warehouse Aquaponics GOLD
• Solar Aquaponics GOLD
• Aquaponics Grow Tables GOLD

• I have co-written facilitated a workshop for couples with my wife, Phyllis Davis, that we have taught to couples over weekend retreats, Two-Year Marriage Contract. This book is now being edited and updated to offer for publication.

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