Colleen De Koning

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Technical Writer, Writer

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Colleen writes with a clear, concise, professional style, and prides herself on meticulous research, accuracy and attention to detail. She produces error-free, polished copy in a diverse range of styles for a variety of industries. With an almost non-existent revision rate, and a zero percent rejection rate, Colleen D. delivers spot-on content every time.

During her twenty-five years writing professionally, she has written thousands of articles for newspapers, magazines and web sites, as well as web content of all kinds. She creates high-quality copy for physicians, veterinarians, law firms, contractors, educators, retailers, non-profit organizations, and major corporations.

Colleen’s work has been published on hundreds of online sites, including GardenGuides, TeaBrews, Amazon, Houzz, Splash Magazine, American Apparel, Young Upstarts, Healthy Solutions, The Museo Art Academy, Kennett National Bank, and Power and Mobility, among others.

Colleen’s goal with every writing project is to provide a product that exceeds client expectations.
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Article, Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Commercial, Guide, Product Description, Website Copy, Ebook, General Photo, Graphic, Illustration
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