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It takes a lot to be a good writer. Research, creativity, technical knowledge, and attention to detail are all important. What makes a great writer is a passion for the subject matter. I am passionate about dogs, and I know how to write about them. Through my organization, Coral Dogs, I help to save the lives of dogs in North Central Florida.

Daily hands-on experience with a wide variety of dogs enables me to write content that is rich in experience and practical knowledge. My informational articles are thoroughly researched but also informed by the work I've done with dogs and the people who love them.

Before becoming a full-time writer, I was employed at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital as a client liaison for the neurology, integrative, and zoology services. As I helped clients navigate through the hospital, sign paperwork, and make payments, I also saw the kind of stress that having a sick family member can cause, regardless of whether that family member happens to be a pet.

I learned about the carefully controlled chaos that goes on behind closed doors at an animal hospital. I was privileged to work around some of the most talented veterinarians and veterinary technicians in the industry. The degree and variety of their skills never cease to amaze me.

Before I worked at UF, I managed a small family-owned dog daycare. In the long solitary hours among the packs of dogs, I became intrigued by canine social relationships. I learned about different play styles and what kinds of personalities got along with which. Watching dogs who had previously been thought to be dog-reactive play with other dogs for the first time was one of the most deeply satisfying experiences of my life.

My high school education is from Dreyfoos School of the Arts in the Communication Arts, with a focus on creative writing. I went to Stetson University and graduated with honors. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with a focus in Creative Writing and minors in Psychology and Philosophy.
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Dreyfoos School of the Arts, High School Diploma with focus in Communication Arts
Stetson University, Bachelor's Degree in English with a focus in Creative Writing and minors in Philosophy and Psychology. Graduated with Honors.
Hess International Education Organization, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
Gainesville, FL, USA|English

Published Content

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Article that I wrote for client about pack training vs group training dogs
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LECA - A daily enrichment program for family dogs | Montclair

Blog I ghostwrote for client about dog enrichment
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Blog post I wrote on my website about making bonsai from nursery shrubs

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What Does it Mean When My Dog Puts His Paw on Me?

Article about dog behavior that I wrote for a client website.

October 15th, 2018
Buyers Guide
top 10 best orthopedic dog bed reviews

Review of best orthopedic dog beds written for a client's website.

September 24th, 2018
How to Keep the Peace When Introducing a New Dog

Article with a personal angle that I wrote for a client's website.

September 29th, 2018
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